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Servitec Aircraft Maintenance

We are a Spanish leader in Line Maintenance MRO which gives a flexible and quality support adapted to the customer operatives. We want to continue growing but without forgetting that our principal business challenge is to gain the loyalty of even the most demanding customers.

We look for the full satisfaction of our customers always trying to be indispensable to them because our principal marketing tool are their references.

Servitec around the world

We provide solutions to adapt to our customers’ needs by providing “tailor made” services anywhere in the world.

Permanent bases

Servitec Bases Permanentes

Servitec Bases Permanentes

Madrid, Barcelona, Lleida, Zaragoza

Temporary bases

temporary bases

Reus, Oslo, Qatar, Jeddah, Dakar, Copenhague, Milán, Casablanca, Lisboa, Oporto, Cabo Verde, Tel Aviv, Boston, Londres, Tirana, Keflavik, Kirguistán

Servitec seguridad

Safety first

To fulfill our duty of ensuring that our employees and any other person who may be affected by our activities remain safe at all times, our organization subcontracts these duties to a specialized company of Health & Safety. The 4 specialties on health and safety are covered: Safety at work, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and applied psycho-sociology and medicine at work, providing us as well for Health and Safety training assuring all our staffs are trained and have the right level of information on:

  • Hazards and risks.
  • Measures in place to deal with those hazards and risks.
  • How to follow any emergency procedure.

The quality aviation maintenance is our business and our passion.

We permanently conduct research into market evolution as a basis for developing new service lines.

We are permanently developing our capabilities to adapt to our customers’ needs by providing “tailor made” services.

Call us: (+34) 638 333 194