End of life solution

Need to store your aircraft?

We can store your wide or narrow body aircraft at ILD Airport in Spain, our partner facility, within the most convenience conditions for aircraft storage all year around, in a safety environment and in compliance with the manufacturer instructions, including all necessary assistance for the redelivery process. The best landing and parking fees of the marked are assured.

This aeronautical platform can offer a long parking apron, developed in compliance with EU environmental regulations, for the preservation of commercial aircraft, and offers our customers the highest safeguards. It includes a security perimeter fence with cameras, and 24-hour personal surveillance.

Lleida-Alguaire’s Airport combines a unique set of conditions: climate, strategic location and communications infrastructure, amongst others, perfect for long term storage and maintenance.

The best landing and parking fees of the marked are assured.

preservación y desmantelamiento

Location of facilities

Lleida is located 150 km from Barcelona. It occupies a key position in the northeast of Spain; at the junction of a network of infrastructures that connect the airport to large centers of tourism and industry.

The high speed train greatly reduces commuting time between Lleida – Barcelona (1h), Zaragoza (50 min) and Madrid (2h).


The annual variation of temperature shows a relatively warm climate of mild winters and summers with prevalence of sunny days with good climatological conditions the most part of the year, typical of continental weather.

Besides, Servitec aircraft Maintenance is member of AFRA for aircraft disassemblies.

Servitec goes one step further than most teardown companies, due to the fact we also are an EASA Part 145 Organization. We can handle your teardown needs from start to end, and as a 145, eliminating your “no quality” costs as well as the need for several subcontracting to third parties.

Servitec Aircraft Maintenance end of life solutions:

  • Components removed by an EASA approved Part 145 organization
  • Component test, inspection and cleaning performed in accordance with approved maintenance data
  • Component handled and packaged in accordance with approved processes and customer requirements. When specified by the operator, components will be shipped as per ATA-300 or equivalent. We count with a specialized crating team on-site.
  • Recertification option available as required – EASA Form 1