Servitec Aircraft Maintenance was created in 2009 as the aeronautic services branch within the industrial services group as part of a leading Spanish industrial corporation of on-board technology products for the railway sector.

During 2014 the aeronautic services activity underwent through an MBO and passed into the full control of its key management. This way a new Servitec Aircraft Maintenance was born, strongly reinforced by the attributes and management culture that had led to the successes in the past, supported by the management of an expert team with the enthusiasm and professional commitment appropriate to their owned project with complete management autonomy.

servicios aeronáuticos

Servitec Aircraft Maintenance, financially reinforced, not only consolidated its leading position among independent companies in the Spanish aero maintenance market, but also, undertakes solid steps towards growth and expansion, both in geographical terms and in lines of activity, characterized by the rigorous adherence to criteria of business efficiency that have allowed us to attain our current advantageous situation.


To contribute to the success of our customers: air traffic operators of any size and nature, by performing comprehensive line maintenance activities and complementary support services according to quality, flexibility and efficiency criteria that ensure sustainable value creation for customers, employees and the company itself, in an ethical environment of social responsibility.


To become a benchmark independent company, and to consolidate our position as such, in aero maintenance activities with a global vocation, both in products and in geographical spread, respected by its customers, valued by its employees and socially recognized.


Rigorous professional, ethical, loyal, upright and respectful behavior – both individual and collective – is the hallmarks of our vocation of “business authenticity”

There is only one thing interesting us as much as our customers’ success: our employees’ commitment to the corporate project.

We only have “major customers” and each one of them is our “best customer”.

Teamwork, multidisciplinary activity, cross-sectionalist and knowledge transfer are the keys to the company’s sustainability and harmonious development.

Business results are indispensable as the only guarantee of viability and sustainability for the company.

Assuming controlled risks means living with undesirable errors that must be taken on board and corrected with transparency, humility and diligence as well as in a proactive manner in order to refresh knowledge.

Rapid and flexible responses in all spheres of management are inherent to our business culture, which requires us to permanently listen to customers and employees and to promote multilateral communication.

Nothing will be done at the expense of occupational health and safety as part of the most advanced risk prevention culture.

Commitment to society, beyond strict compliance of the law and the preservation of the environment, is integral to our identity.