Certifications and Capabilities

Certifications and Capabilities

Servitec Aircraft Maintenance is currently approved as an EASA Maintenance Organization Part 145 as well as per USA (FAA), Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bermudas, Aruba, Guernsey and Bolivia. In addition, Servitec is also approved by AFRA for aircraft end of life solutions.


Servitec Aircraft Maintenance establishes Quality Plans to specify quality standards, practices, resources, specifications and the sequence of activities, for particular maintenance services or projects. These Quality Plans are used for assuring conformance to our customer requirements and assuring to external and internal standards and procedures, being an added value for our customers. For this, we have key performance indicators and objectives that are proposed annually and reviewed each 3 months.

Servitec Aircraft Maintenance had implemented a SMS System (Safety Management System) to assess the Safety associated with the Management Maintenance Services provided by our company. These services include the operation of maintenance, management of airport facilities, and development of operations and procedures.

Our SMS and Safety Policy are in line with the Just Culture (European Commission Regulation 691/2010).

All the staff is trained on our internal SMS System. The objective of this training course is to contribute to the improvement of flight safety by ensuring that relevant information on safety is reported, collected, stored, protected and disseminated to prevent incidents and accidents and not attribute blame or liability.

We are qualified to provide full-support maintenance services according to criteria of quality, flexibility and excellence. Please check our capabilities scope  below: